superciliousness in Norway

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Superciliousness in Norway.

“They crap in our forest,” an angry man yelled,
Roma people had pitched tents near the forest
where people of this tolerant nation go skiing 
in winters. They came here to find work but 
was meet with scorn and mistrust, they came 
in hope of getting a part of our largesse; the rich 
do not know this word. When people who used 
to be poor suddenly see they are better off than 
other countries, the first reaction is pride and
an unbecoming arrogance, like it was their 
cleverness that brought oil up from the bottom 
of the sea… Now instead of being humble having
had such luck they become reactionaries  giving
advice to less fortunate countries. 
“They crap in our forest”, nourishing an imbecilic 
 nation that due to undeserved richness has lost 
contact with reality and human kindheartedness.