Written by: Jack Ellison


Come, let your imagination flow free Climb aboard, fly away with me To this magical land called ANEYLEPHIN A land of goodness with 'ear to ear' grins Play among fields of perfumed flowers Dance between drops of warm spring showers Hugs are the currency in this fantasy land So no excuses, drop by when you can It's my utopia, my sunshine state What more can I ask, it fills up my plate Wait a darn minute! What do I hear? A bunch of cynics bending your ear? Whatcha been smoking? I heard someone ask It's liquid joy juice from a happiness flask If they still insist on wearing a frown Don't let these guys drag you down Pay no attention, they're jealous you see So gather 'round children just follow me To this magical land called ANEYLEPHIN Clear your mind, let the sunshine in! © Jack Ellison 2012