May the Rain Always Lie in My Path

Written by: Andy Sprouse

I close my eyes
to the sweet serenity of rain's passage;
bare my face to the heavens
as the wispy travelers of the sky
unleash their torrents upon me.

The wind the storm brings with it,
tailored to sweep me away;
to bless me with those
drops of water sent to earth –
baptise me in the nectar of the firmament.

No finer dream could I ask for,
than one as ephemeral and as majestic
as the reality of laughing in the rain –
no truer testament to my soul
might I ever find.

I search, evermore, for the pairing;
for that one who will stride with me
through sheets of driving rain,
and want simply to dance –
for whoever she may be, she embodies heaven.

But even should I never find her,
may I also never despair –
for I have already met my maiden fair.
She draws breath from the clouds
and greets me with a smile on my face.