Although You Tried

Written by: Titiksha Singhal

I held my tears, confronting you
You were trying to soothe my heart
I tried to say a word to you
But you continued telling me, How to Lighten up My Heart.
Every time you encouraged, I tried to say my word
It was just that, you didn't stop!

I know you were showing your sympathy
I know you understood my pain
You tried every aspect to stop me
From getting myself hurt again.

You asked me several questions
Without giving me time to think
And then you tried all the locutions
Might my pain get shrink.

But, I know my questions, I know my answers,
I know how to stop my bleed
I wanted someone to just listen
And just listen and do me a deed.

Presuming that, I need some time think,
You lift your air and went
I was trying to say something…
You just didn't understand!