The Foetus Triumphant

Written by: Brian Terry

Come what may
I will survive
Despite her illness
Oh god not, I hope, my fault
I listen to her breathing
I listen to her heart
I feel she is so strong
Perhaps she feels my love for her
I’m sure it gives her strength
I know I feel her love for me
She seems to near despair
Maybe a kick will cheer her up
Hallo what’s up?
Something pushes me
Out of the dark
Into the light
It’s cold and dry
Who are these giants?
How dare they lay their hands on me
They’ve smacked me!
I cough
I squall with rage
What can I do? I am so small and helpless
And then they put me with my mother
I lay upon her breast
I hear that much remembered heart
That heart which was mine those long dark months
I am content
Where’s my thumb?
I can sleep now