Rosebud's Rhapsody

Written by: Juniper Lock

Breath breathes into breath
as midnight air is captured, 
Flesh melts into flesh 
upon the wings of rapture, 

Black paradise erupts within 
Shadows move in rhythm 
Kiss envelops kiss 
The flower engulfs the stem, 

The rose bud opens her petals 
embracing the heated thunder 
the feeling most incredible 
Liquid love melts the bodies under, 

Drip to floor the elixir of the two 
Body stuck to body sips, 
Tongues taste the passion's dew 
Searing heat like flames through flesh it rips, 

Undulate in rhythm of the movement 
enchantment settles in the soul 
Nirvana casts a spell of melting beauty 
breath is quickened liquid falls below, 

Embraces tight so fierce they won't let go 
Wrapped around the flesh of frenzied gasps 
Ravishment intoxicates the midnight glow 
That space of time that only we will ever know.