Summer Burst Of Love

Written by: jett franco

At the busy street, Park of Lovers.
Where neon light glows, dances.
I meet your eyes, speak to them with smiles.
My mouth so shy, utters its only "hi".

As time collapses, between our hearts.
Under the arena, crimson rocks.
We fight the heat inside our flesh.
Holds the love inside our spirits.

You the gift, I find so exquisite.
Forge uniquely, nothing compared.
For within your eyes the stars dwell.
And your lips where the crescent plays.

As time is consumed the nature sings.
Adores our love as gate of faith.
Birds do sing, a trumpet of archangel.
A sweet drama between dreamers.

Princess, for my success,
Be the queen, my part.
Be the center of my heart,
Till you become the maker of breath-
Our sons and daughters.