Before The Winter's Smile

Written by: jett franco

Before the face of winter’s smile I’ll hold my promise to you,
That this beautiful summer had passed away, will keep him honored
For his sweetest fragrance keep me on
His heat makes me stronger, hold in her promises.

Before the face of the coldest air I’ll sing my song to you
That no matter the pain inside I will still hold on you.
The promises been a decade gone still fresh and new
I still belief that you and I will feel the heaven at hand.

Before the face I can’t see no more I’ll promise my love for you.
If the stars could be reached I’ll give to you, to bring back the heat.
Because you are what you are and that’s what I love from you.
No matter how ways degrade you, still you made my moon blue.

Before the coming winter’s smile I’ll say it once again,
That the beauty been said still holds in your name.
Within the winters face ill sing this once again
My summer heat with you, the best thing I endure.