I Used To Be

Written by: jett franco

I used to think as deep river flows
Silence kisses its face
I used to know as sensor does
Never place its voice
As my soul entangled with questions
The day we die,
Will the day we live?

I used to make myself deaf
Never hear them open the side
I used to make my mouth mute
Never a maker of words
For I know they won’t understand
Won’t listen to explicit mind

I don’t dream be like legend
Names been adored by followers
Like Poe’s lovely proud evening star
Known by my heart
Loop with amusement
Set by his golden heart.

I used to think I will play my own
Never will fail what the road lead
I used to play my soul
Never listen to lawless views
But by moment I learn 
I been doing the part I say
I’m making myself one of them