Hush of night awakens

Written by: Sandra Adams

i remember that last kiss
cold like the air tonight

the wind carries
a wolf's cry
in the distance

i sit here
and watch the shadows
as they dance
beneath the somber song

the moon, full-bellied
tucks itself behind the clouds
as the stars lose their twinkle
like eyes, gone from life

nightide has settled in
yet its not calm
this winter night

my mind twists
and snaps
like the branches
on trees

in the distance
i hear the cries
of wolf's prey
and the echoes
of your's
and mine 

i drift off
deep, away from thought
for a few hours of sleep
trying to regain warmth

fresh snow 
covers your grave
and the wolf's prey

only the sky bleeds now

but i remember that kiss
it was ...
as cold as this day.

Sandy Adams