Dream collection 2 Secrets Part 1 Introduction

Written by: Jarrod Denney

Dreaming shows you many hidden things in your mind; it opens you to alternative thinking…
	What is it that makes a secret? Is it something no one knows and you don’t want them too? Or is it the pride of knowing your annoying someone? Or is it just because it makes you feel smarter than someone?
	Secrets can have many affects on people. It can hurt people; it can turn people against each other. A couple of things about secrets…
The first thing is, the more you have doesn’t make you cool. The more you have, the more obvious you are, and the more likely you are of hurting someone you care about, even someone you don’t care about.
	The second thing, trying to find out a secret is not the best thing to do. Obviously that person doesn’t want you to know, so no matter how much they rub it in your face you just have to deal with it. Most people don’t tell you for at least one of these reasons, it’s about you, your to nosy and always want to know everything, or you’re a big gossiper.
	The third thing, telling someone you have one when you don’t? Ok straight up why such a donkey? When people hear that you have one it resorts back to number one and two. It stresses people, it pisses people off. Come on people, can’t we all get along?
	Secrets do horrible things, to anyone. I personally don’t believe in keeping secrets but, hey, everyone is different. Anyways, onto the dream…. (go to second page)