For this Moment

Written by: Sabina Nicole

Cloudy day in my head,
Haunted by the words you said
Winter storm inside my mind,
I find them very hard to bind,
Gardens destroyed by mere perception,
Lost the will during conception,
How can I just simply be? 
All that you expect from me,
How can I just clearly see?
The world of darkness inside of me,
Rainey times take over my soul
Stop the bleeding was my goal
But I can’t seem to pull together
Even if it’s us forever
How can I forget this mess?
Even if I know I’m blessed,
Icy moments in this cave,
Thaw me out before the grave,
Dreams of futures painted smiles,
I need you to clean these piles,
Dreams are spinning a silly web,
Eating every word you said,

For now,
So long.

I bend,
But I don’t brake.

Its truth,
That heals.

This pain,
I feel,