Written by: Abdul Malik

I look pleadingly
into their apathetic eyes
as they pull out
the last of my fingernails -
The pain is excruciating
and I pass out amid my
heartrending screams.

When I come to
I am engulfed
in total darkness.
I find myself lying
it appears in my own
blood, sweat and filth.

I try looking around
but could see nothing;
I touch gingerly
and find my eyes
swollen shut,
My nose punched
into a bloody pulp,
My lips torn open and
all my teeth knocked out.

Jesus, where am I,
What have they done to me,
What do they want of me,
I know nothing
I am just a regular Joe
struggling to raise a family,
Hoping to live the American dream;
What would I know of the
Jihadi cell or the terrorist network?

I begin to quiver in sheer fright -
Oh God, did they bring me here
just because my name is
M U H A M M A D?!