Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

Sister To you sister - I want to say - that I love you, just as you are. I don't expect you to change. You are alright just as you are. I will not criticize you if you make mistakes. I will only try to help you, if I can. If you reach your goal in life. I will be happy for you. If you you have problems, I can not solve them for you, but together we might find a solution. If we are walking together and you stumble - I will give you my hand so you won't fall. I can not live your life for you, we were each given a life of our own. All I can do, is be there if you need me. If your heart gets broken - I can not fix it, but together we can pick up the pieces. If one day I hurt you, I will apologize. If you want to stay away from me - I can not stop you. All I can do is give you my blessing and wait for you to come back. So dear sister I want you to know, that you are special and always will be. When you get lonely, sad, or blue - call me. I will always listen to you...
10/22/2012 Written by lucilla M. Carrillo