Broken to Brokenness

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Life has changed so am I
For good reasons I am moving
Accepting with open arms what life gave
No complaints ever kept in heart
But…but I do as well breathe a life
Have some expectations to strive.
Be happy and best of health ever 
If ever I denied things sometime
I also breathe and wish to survive.
Lone and far taken from my roots
Family never interfered for OUR good
Don’t I deserve the same from your end
My expectations always seems wrong
Silence of me and my family nicely torned.
The truth I put forward is just a pain
No resolution as to why I go insane
Taken and broken and not to complain
Yet struggling without giving up
May be I too am wrong at places
But is it I am totally iniquitous
My peace going to pieces
Not visible … just your pain
No right to mention else you be in strain
But what about me...
Haven’t I sacrificed all without a word
Or being a girl, all my responsibility
We two cant live the way we wish
It always have to be your family.
I am broken tired of explaining
I am not a criminal or sinful species
Still fill my part with best of ways
Anyhow proceed with smile all days
Just wish for myself too to get back
Broken is not an easy feeling infact
It never gives just takes away all
No happiness sought if I cry and haul
I will try anyways to be normal
But...I am broken hope it does matters
Why I feel so hope you find it sensible
Its after all about two if us
Which will matter most till we live
Hope you realize it all before too late
And its not easy to call the self
Broken… Broken… Broken …