Written by: ilene bauer

Homemade things are sometimes best,
But often they are not.
Knowing when to hit the stores
Keeps moods from getting hot.

Want to bake a cake? You heed
Directions to the letter;
But like as not, the bakery
Has cakes that taste much better.

Stir a pot of sauce for hours,
Like the cook you are.
Don’t be shocked when it’s as good
As what comes in a jar.

I tried my best today to make
A costume for a play,
My knickers getting in a knot
As hours ticked away.

So now I’ll head to shops set up
In time for Halloween;
I’ll find the perfect costume
For a paltry wad of green.

It won’t be as creative,
Where I’d wallow in my vanity,
But I’ll get great results
And also maybe keep my sanity!