Jesus Please Take Control

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Jesus, Please Take Control!

Jesus…  Please take control of all that I do!
I really don’t know who else to turn to!

Please take control of my sinful habits.
Everything In my life.  You can have it!

Please transform me into
 what you want me to be!
May others see more of you and less of me!

Please help me to share your inspiring word.
Especially to those who’ve never heard!

Please have you way in the way I’ve been thinking.
My life is like a ship that’s been sinking!

Please have you will in the direction I take!
I want to do what you want!  And not be late!

Thank you for hearing my heart’s prayer!
I know that you listen.  And you care!

Thank you for being my everlasting friend.
And for being there for me…  Once again!

By Jim Pemberton