The Rise of the African Ghostwriter

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

So you think your son is exerting himself in school? Bwa ha ha ha! Hush your mouth before you trip over your tongue, sir. No, don’t fault him; fault the degenerate system that gave birth to a capitalistic market reinforcing the need for Diplomas at the expense of wisdom. Fault the culture of poverty and impunity that drives young men and women to easy money. And the internet which makes all things possible. Puh -liiiizz, who said you have to go to Harvard to learn Harvard referencing? APA, MLA, Chicago-turabian are just some facts in life; no biggy. Willing buyer – willing seller. End product: ‘highly qualified’ westerners lording it over the ‘less educated’ immigrants – but that’s neither here nor there. Don’t think about it too deeply. Be happy in the ‘accomplishments’ of your son. Smile in confidence when his school is ranked among the best of the best. Ignorance is bliss they say. But one day, The veil will fall from your clueless eyes. Believe!