My Family

Written by: lori kerrigan

What some say are just animals
Make up my family
Sharing my life with them
There’s no other place I’d rather be
All the love I’ll ever need
Can be found here inside my home
As long as they are with me
I’ll never be alone
They show appreciation for all I do for them
They pick me up whenever I am low
Every day that I spend with them
Is another day my love for them will grow
I made a big commitment
When I brought them home to stay
Never knowing just how much
They’d brighten up my every day
Meaning in their life
They are happy for me to have found
Forever becoming best friends
Eternally our souls are bound
To me they are my children
With souls that will always be pure
They love me unconditionally
To my sadness they’re the cure
Bringing each one of them home
I will never regret
The joy that they’ve brought me
I will never forget
Thank you god for these blessings
You’ve given to me
To share with me life
My family