Mixed thoughts of 2012

Written by: Seren Roberts

The year 2012
Brought a lot, good and sad
My Tad died in January
Openheart surgery I had to have

But thats all  far behind me
Though memories never fade
I think about the better times
I know thats what he'd say

Had many happy times
On long weekend away
Have some fabulous friends
Whose help I cant repay

Then of course theres Tilly
A rescue Boxer who is old
Was given away like garbage
Her real story never told

But if I had to write about just one thing
It would have to be as  read
Me opening my eyes after surgery
Coming back from the dead.

Friendly faces looking down at me
Saying Seren open your eyes dear
Couldn't do so for a moment
Because tears were very near

Tears of joy and hope
That things will soon be okay
That life will get started again
Bright sunshine all the way.

I know I have a guardian angel
Making sure that i survive
From all that s thrown at me
Keeping me alive.