if i were god

Written by: nastoshia siedlecki

If I were God I'd save the world 
The lost would have guidance in life 
Tears of sorrow be turned to joy
 If I were God I'd free the lost souls 
All the loved ones hurting from 
 Return the treasury they had
 If I were God I'd lavish the earth 
with riches
 I would give to the poor in need 
Give them a fighting chance to live 
a dream
 If I were God I'd bring forth love
 Let the willing find love they are 
 Have the life to share with that 
special person 
If I were God I'd fill the miserable 
with a heart of rejoice 
Free the pain and difficulty from 
their fears
 Show a path to the wonders of 
 The shoes we wish to wear
 The pride we'd want to take 
If only, If only we had a chance
 If I were God...