Final Goodbye

Written by: Pashko Dushaj

The hurt runs deep, pierces through flesh and bone
Heart and spirit have fled, now I'm truly alone
The weight of the world on my shoulders keeps me at a knee
The blistering pain blurs the visions that I do see
Never has alone ever been so quiet and bitter
Warrior throughout life, but now just a quitter
Wanted by none, of use only to the ground
Which waits to greet me, with love that knows no bounds
So that I may rot and finally meet my eternal rest
Just hurts to know that once I was truly blessed
But that time has came and went, just a breath lost in cloud of smoke
The last breath that leaves me as in this silence I choke
But don't shed a tear for me, just know I really did try
Your memories of me will fade away, so this is my final goodbye