A Cell In Hell

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Cell In Hell He was an inmate at an old prison serving years ahead He was assigned cell thirteen when he first arrived All the other inmates stared at him with dread Knowing that every inmate that once had that cell never came out of it alive No one bothered to tell the new inmate about the story of cell thirteen Even the guards were hesitant to walk by that cell after all the tragedy Day grew into night and the inmates were all locked in to sleep Then suddenly screams filled the prison at the stroke of three All the inmates listened with their hearts pounding as the guards rushed to the cell An evil piercing growl came from the section of cell thirteen Then they saw what looked like a demon walking out of the cell in hell Staring down at all the inmates as if they will be victims too of this kind of tragedy The next day all the inmates and were found dead in their cells The prison soon shut down knowing that strong evil lurked the place Lurked all the cells that became a portal to hell That became the mark of a devil’s trace…
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