Bloody Mary

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Bloody Mary Ever dared to stare at a mirror and say bloody mary? Some young teenagers did back in the day Unfortunately they couldn’t find any trace of their bodies After the game they decided to play The game is called Bloody Mary and you have to say it three times As you say her name you must look at the mirror all along Then suddenly, legend says she appears to you from behind Staring at you from her decaying face with evil filling her eyes so strong Before you know it you’re caught up in her curse from that day Strange things will happen to you that you can’t explain Then suddenly she brings death your way Filled with such torture and pain So whatever you do, don’t be tempted after reading this poem To stare into a mirror and say Bloody Mary on your own You don’t want to end up like those teenagers that never came back Who were just looking for a thrill seeking adventure but instead got caught up in her wrath. Happy Halloween!!!