Consumed Heart

Written by: Carma Reed

For every breathless air,
I breath, to catch wind,
Jolted by the ruthless,
Violence, corrupted, these,
Islands, to hinder, all I fear,
Darkened by Grey, clouds the,
Mind, I bare to restore, it's green,
Pastures, that once built me,
Pouring on the Rain, in my eyes,
I ask GOD, to replenish, me from, 
The blood stain, on my hands,
To clean my, Consumed Heart, for,
It is not me, who dies, time and time,
As he lyes nailed, to this, CROSS,
Forgiving SIN, NO QUESTIONS, asked,
His SOUL, is humble, and LOVING,
For he is OUR SAVIOR...
Despite what I've done, I know, You know,
We are guided, in open Doors, of strength n' faith,        
To empower, the house of fruitful, Blessings, in 
open arms, For I LOVE my Almighty KiNG, GOD,
For I will not LOose sight.....NO MORE..