Ear We Eat

Written by: Jonathan Michael Conlon

Here we speak, ne'er, we meet.
Here beneath, we speak clear; wipe your feet.
Ears we eat, rewards we need.
There appears to be resemblance between each.
Speak at least conscious, we move near where forgotten.
Ears we eat, this course of meeting we need rewards often.
Here beneath, we speak clear.
An acid pole in the distance gives attention to
a nipple of written rings, and sends itself borrowing 
the comfort inside.
Field; gaze, stand, stare, and complicate the motive of sharing.
Bent upon the cross .
Sent from the cross.
Give up the cross.
Bent upon here and now we speak of the great meeting.
Let loose those in control of this, our death in feeding, be blessed.
Saved from across, then giving such sin, I collect dread and confession.