Written by: aj merlino

A soft kiss to initiate the passion
Warm touches from his fingers dance around her lips,
Tempting her.
His fingers find her elongated neck.
She is hit with instant arousal.
His confident but gentle touch reaches her chest,
Tempting her yet again
Her body becomes addicted to his touch.
Deep breaths rush from her as a single finger traces down her stomach.
Her body moves sensually, pleading for more.
She knows this feeling.
The beginning of a climax, but is must be lured out of her.
Those strong fingers ease beyond her waist.
She can stop him, but there is no shown effort.
He is in a place forbidden to others.
Eyes close as her muscles tense.
She cannot restrain her soft screams.
The passion grows like a rogue wave.
Her heart rate accelerates with no signs of slowing.
The touch he gives becomes overwhelming,
The control she once had is lost.
She clinches his body as if to never let go,
And for those few intense seconds,
This feeling cannot be matched and will never be forgotten.
Her eyes open softly as she lay beside him.
She is passion, 
And she is love.