Hotel breakfast

Written by: Seren Roberts

What a beautiful breakfast
This hotel  embraces your stay
Everything you could wish for
To keep u going all day

The prunes I had were lovely
So juicy and fat
Now feeling a rumble in my stomach
Was I wise to eat that.

The cooked breakfast is not for me
So I looked for something close
Could have kippers if you wanted
That's what I chose.

They came all two of them
Cooked to perfection
With oozes of butter and lemon
Pleased with my selection

My friends husband made the toast
Has a fettish  that way
Loves to see it golden
Suppose that fettish is ok

Now shall I have marmite
Or Marmalade and Jam
Or simply dripping in butter
What a pig I am

Then to finish off
Had a yogurt to eat
Lovely and creamy
Breakfast is complete

Drank cups of coffee
The decaf kind
Oh my I am so full
Need to walk to unwind

Whilst walking I burped
The taste of kippers abound
Next was a silent fluff
Knew the prunes were around

So this  morning will have simple food
And  not quite enough
No prunes or kippers for me 
They make you burp and fluff.