Remembering to forget

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

On a workaday noon,    holding this partial  poem
from  a faded note book  against a deadpan sky
letting its still kicking life  pick me up from dead, 
since I could only open my eyes to its  mustiness 
I remember to remember you in easier times  

In the evening, at the hotel reception,  the tired fall  
of the incoming footsteps tells it wouldn’t be  my friend
And as I unblinkingly  watch  an old lady ambling in
hauling  her weight and  a bag of bananas to boot
then too I remember to remember you, in its time.

And finally when I remember you in the morning
I ‘m  revisiting my old poem to give it a new fizz
and  my mind half-forgetting you by the twelfth line
starts to wonder why the latest  coin of 50 paise 
looks much  like  the just  withdrawn 25 paise.

Note: Hundred paise make an Indian rupee.