A David For a David

Written by: Carol Eastman

A David for a David We’re all, a caregiver, at some time in our lives. And when it happens a smile can give us miles. Now, all of my Trolls friends wanted to be there for you. And Lilly and FunkunDilly want to give you, what’s true… Their abiding friendship, is all there, just waiting for you As is mine, our dear old friend, as this writing says, too. Now my meter’s not great, and my composition lacks… But my heart is hoping, this will eventually bring you back. When your hands grow slower, and your mind needs to relax, Think of us at PoetrySoup where we’ve all got your back. May the love in our words, help you with the love of your life. I think you know, the David I write about… it’s you… Take a look at yourself, and see what we do… A beautiful friend and a care giver, too. Your friends at PoetrySoup