Letting Go

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

My moods are complicated
For complex am I
Never know which way the rollercoaster is going
Or, if I want to catch a ride.

Some days are better than yesterday
And, even the day before
There are times there is no seatbelt 
I don’t care, I just stare into the night air

Emotions circling around me
I cannot catch one to let it in
Anxiety beats the best of them
It usually wins 

Sadness surrounds me now
The past is my present
Ever engulfing footage
Running through my mind

Soon I will have to let go
Hopefully, the sun comes out
And, it shines upon my face
Warm breezes take over me, this is my new place

For these will be happy times
The present begins anew
No rollercoaster for which I ride
I know which emotions to choose

A smile is across my face, now I found some peace and a little grace. 

© Holly P. Moore
    October 2012