Written by: Sean Trott

Invisible cell

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to die?
Have you ever been asked? And forced to tell a lie
If I were to die I want it to be quick and painless
Respectfully so I can finish my life shameless
All my life well at least a very long time
Feeling like I’m stuck in prison without knowing the crime
Like prison I mean locked up in a cell
My illness like the warden forbidden for me to tell
The people around me what was wrong
They looked up to me for being strong
My emotions may seem to come at you in every direction
I’m putting myself out there in search for protection
From the pain, anguish and struggle
Too much going on at once for me to juggle
Please go on reading my life I really hope you do
I can’t get past the fact we are strangers, yet my heart feels safe with you