Flight of the Fireflies

Written by: Juniper Lock

The flight perchance of fireflies 
upon their wings at midnight, 
Flicking golden sparks of light 
Under stars and moon bright 

Fly with me my darling one 
into the stars that hide the sun, 
sing me lullabies to sleep 
your hand unto my heart I'll keep, 

For love resides within the flight 
of butterflies and fireflies, 
Upon the unicorn with wings 
I'll ride with you while angels sing, 

Wings that flicker warming rays 
while stardust circles in a haze. 
See them sparkle, glitz and shine 
Into your eyes forever mine, 

In radiance they dash and flit 
Upon the frothy clouds we sit, 
Your hand in mine and mine in your's 
Glimmered on my cheeks are tears, 

Please don't cry my angel heart 
From flight of stars we shall not part, 
Spirits twinkle 'round our heads 
the moonbeams brilliant on our bed, 

This gift we share so rare and true 
The clouds will write out I Love You, 
With panache the fireflies..... 
dance within my loving eyes.