placing the hand on the burner to sear the flesh

Written by: andrew delapruch

from innocence to
playfulness & from
playfulness to 
“accidents” & from
“accidents” to 
punishment & from
punishment to 
obedience & from
obedience to
“education” & from
“education” to
refinement &
from refinement to
structure &
from structure to
“progress” &
from “progress” to
advancement &
from advancement to
worthiness & from
worthiness to
domestication &
from domestication to
procreation & from
procreation to
excitement & from
excitement to 
responsibility & from
responsibility to
oppressor & from
oppressor to
totalitarian &
from totalitarian to
molder &
from molder to
mayhem &
because we are ****ing 
the cycle begins again.