age 5

Written by: andrew delapruch

at age 5
s/he woke up scared in the
early morning, with a notion
that momma thought should’ve
been more complex for him/her
to fear or understand or
at least come to terms with
at such an early moment in
“i’m going to die, mom…i’m
going to die…”
s/he kept on repeating it
with precious tears streaming
which carried the innocence of
a child that held an independent 
horror, not polluted by the
outside, not tarnished by
the mutual mass myths of
fellow schoolchildren---
momma ran her fingers through
her child’s hair to calm her/him &
with nothing else to say,
confronted with the stark reality of
the subject at hand,
she lied & told the little one,
“don’t worry, because there is a 
wonderful place that you go to if
you’ve been good on earth, after 
death---it’s called heaven.”