Words,Words,Your Lips

Written by: Richard Palmer

Traveling on this street called life,
Be sensible,be conscious,be wise,
Think,think before you open your mouth,
Don't be lead by your tongue,
but by your ever thinking mind,
We are now in the days,when the words
from your lips,defileth your body, 
When scandals and rumors are the order
of the day,
When people in high places are torn down,
not by their works, but by their words,
When people in small places are suffering,
Because of the words of those who govern them,
When family and friends are divided not by choice,
But by nosey neighbors, who won't keep their big mouth shut,
Are you going to say something,STOP,THINK,
Will my words be positive,
Will my words make things better or worst,
Build an enemy or build a friend, 
Cause someone to live a little longer or will
this be their end,
Don't open your mouth,until you are sure,
Take your time,think it through,
Now you can open your lips and make POSITIVE WORDS unfold...