My mind was broken

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

Isolated by fear,
there all out to get me,
the voices I hear.

I sit in darkness,
no light shinning through,
lost in confusion,
about what to do.

Refusing to eat,
Poison in the food,
slowly getting sicker,
who are you?

You look like my friend,
but something in your eye's
tells me you not,
you just telling me lies.

Afraid of shadows,
cars that drive by,
driving in bushes,
finding somewhere to hide.

I just wanted to die,
so the pain would go away,
consumed by paranoia
each and everyday.

I blocked out all the voices,
pushed through all my fears,
it did take a couple of years,
but I'm still here.

My mind was broken,
caused by a drug fulled rage,
I was lucky to piece things back together,
many people stay that way.

Contest Name	Brokenness 
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