Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

I did'nt deserve to watch my mom break down over nerves
I did'nt deserve for nightly my dads sleep to be disturbed
I did'nt deserve for life to be the judge and jury's words
I did'nt deserve prison on this plate that I've been served

I never thought My kids would see me through this plated glass
I never thought my time would seep bye like a hourglass
I never thought I'd cry like I'd been hit with some teargas
I never thought I'd be the one the world would just bypass

I should have been forgiven but my innocense was shamed
I should have started running but I wasnt to be blamed
I should have saw it coming how could I be so defamed
I should have trusted no one but now I just sit here framed

I will not lose my sanity In the Lord I'll trust
I will not be a casualty to this I must adjust
I will not scorn humanity but for their air I lust
I will not let this tragedy give me a stone like crust.

Sha'ntez Jefferson