An Evil Invitation

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

An Evil Invitation Two teenagers decided one year to play a Ouija board on Halloween night They wanted to get scared and see something that would give them a fright But were they really prepared to see what was to come? They found out the hard way that their bad luck had just begun. After playing with the board from that night on, strange things began to appear Dark shadows creeping up at them from behind with eerie scary groans They had so many nights when they couldn’t sleep because of terrible nightmares What used to be safe for them was no longer their homes One night while they were both finally asleep in their beds They awoke to scratching noises at their windows When they turned and looked with nothing but pure fear and dread- They realized that the Ouija had invited an evil ghost It had red glowing eyes with an evil grin on its face It kept scratching at the window and wanted to be invited in Quickly one of them grabbed the Ouija and threw it away But still years later they’re still haunted by those red glowing eyes with that evil grin