Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Broken I remember when the police came and took you away to jail I stood at the doorway in your bedroom in tears Thinking about how everything in your life had failed Knowing that you made endless bad decisions throughout the years I stood by your side trying to reach out to you, to do the right things I looked for the meaning behind your words expressed through your bipolar pain I can still hear the echoes of your tears falling when you felt lost in everything I can still see them painfully through the rain Your laughter when times were good, brought a smile on my face Your green eyes that sparkled at me brought hope in my heart once again Those are times I thought I had you in a safe place Little did I know we were far away from a peaceful end Twenty one months later, I find myself walking in your room, alone The bed remains untouched; still I feel your presence there I can still hear your music blasting and the smell your favorite cologne I close my eyes feeling broken, shattered with deep despair Wish I could cradle you as if you were still a little boy Keeping you safe and protected in my arms from harm’s way Wanting to turn back the younger years when there was nothing but joy Nothing was broken then, like it is today
Contest: Brokenness Sponsor: Skat By: Gail Doyle