Is It Time

Written by: ilene bauer

Is it time to buy an iPhone?
I've been doing fine without it.
Yet most people seem to have one;
There are no two ways about it.

I don't want to get addicted
Like most smartphone users are,
Always looking down and scrolling,
Which I really find bizarre.

Yet it's nice to access email
Or find info when you need  it.
There's an appetite for gadgets
And in modern life, we feed it.

Though my husband has an iPhone,
Which I often seem to borrow,
I know I can have my own,
Perhaps as early as tomorrow.

So I'm on the diving platform,
Staring down into the deep
Of technology's advances
And I'm ready for the leap.

Will I do it? Time's a'wasting
And my motive's more than whim;
But such challenges await and I
Don't really like to swim.