The Creature From Troll Lake

Written by: Carol Eastman

Troll Lake was slowly filling, after the dam and bridge were finally built.
But, it was close to the city, and kids were coming nightly, without relent!
Bad things were going to happen, if we didn’t stop those, partying fools.
The Trolls scared most away, but the wilder ones returned, definitely not cool!

With all the fun and hardy partying, they weren’t even close, or ready to resign.
Then our actor Trolls came home, with the paparazzi tagging along, behind.
They kept lurking around bushes, and we smelled disaster, coming really soon.
So we put up a sign, ‘No Trespassing! Danger! Creature From The Black Lagoon!’

They all laughed hilariously, not believing it could remotely, be possibly true.
So we had to devise a plan, to scare them off, that’d added a wallop, to the boo!
Now, as the lake had filled we’d found we’d acquired a Monk Frog, on a lily pad.
He helped us with meditation, yoga lessons, and advise… that was totally rad.

He told us of his Gold Fish friend, who thinks he’s a shark and would happily fight.
But to all those skinny-dippers, his nibbles had been like, the bark without the bite.
So we borrowed Grandma Trolls’ Large false teeth, adding more bite to his delight.
Someone got bit, as a Troll jumped up, snarled, and lunged after the kids in the night.

This made the kids scramble wildly for their lives and to protect their manly parts.
They say, they ran all the way home, still naked, till they hit their own front doors.
The Police found them to book them, for trespassing, and basically running amuck.
The paparazzi, got it all on tape, selling it to the newscasters, so all were in luck.

The film of the creatures’ outline coming out of the water, made it more profound.
And rumors ran like wild fire, to not swim in our mysterious lake, so spellbound.
Even the paparazzi, backed off, wondering what other dangers, might be around.
It’s amazing how great we could be, when we get together, and our ideas abound.

PS. A happy, little shark patrolled the lake... nightly, from then on…