Brave Enough

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

If I was ever brave enough
Pondering my feelings
What would I express to you
Could I let it all out
The depth and effect you have on me

Could I unravel it all
Make any sense of how I feel
Organise my thoughts
Engage your attention in me
Just so you get my groove

Its love I fear
So when you are near
I melt with the attraction
Emotion overwhelms
I only know how to run

Impressions from my past
Come forth to stamp a mark
That cautions me to stop
Not give in to my heart
Let you in or allow you to see

Give me the strength
Help me become brave
Push forward through the pain
That hinders me with restaint
Like barbwired in a cage

Nervous beats pounding
Distance myself
Layers of emotions
Like the evolving sea
I feel this within me

On the smooth shiny sand
You stand, guiding me in
Gently groping fragile rope
Pulling me toward the shore
To free me from my lonely raft

Finally a man who can help me see
Bringing me into the light
Shedding my old skin
All that has been locked away
Saturates me, I am finally free

Intensity that gravitates
Me to you, you to me
I am yours, you are mine
No longer do I run or hide
On the tip of my tongue
Embracing that I love you