Written by: Sami LaRose

Sami LaRose
The sound of your voice makes me so nervous I tremble in a way my body has never once known.
Could it be a heart attack, or just a weakness of the heart. This is a question I have to resolve.
Over more than a month without you in my life, I knew I was winning the fight, but all of a sudden my iPhone began to ring late at night,
Thinking it was someone else I look over my shoulder, just to see that the person who is calling me has filled me with the most memories.
2 of clock A.M, a strange time for small talk.
We talk for a while until the phones get cut off, you ask me what’s new and as always I tell you.
Meeting with that Molly, my tongue began to speak. It is nervous word vomit  at its finniest
The small silences something I am no longer used to, I let you go a long time ago.
Always in my heart, but never on my mind I do wish we could say goodbye.
I am finally happy at last, and I do not like when the past comes to haunt you so fast.
Please, I don’t want a broken heart anymore my limbs were always so sore.
Stay kind and stay true and please just always be you; but learn to be you without me just like I had to
Because fairy tales don’t last forever, and ours was never ending but now it’s time for me to say goodbye
Happily ever after