4 am in hotel room

Written by: Seren Roberts

Its 4 in the morning
Woke up , wondering why
Tummy feeling empty
And mouth feeling dry.

Look at room service
It finished at 2
Looked in handbag
In case there was a chew

Nope out of luck now
Starts looking for more
Found the coffee tray 
Was in a drawer

I spy  hot chocolate
Thinks, yes that will do 
So kettle is on
To make the brew

Then i saw them
Hiding on the tray
2 biscuits were trying
To get me to look other way

So here i am nibbling
The smallest of biscuits
Trying to make them last longer
Cos they're my quick fix 

So back into my bed I go
Enough room for 4
So spread myself  all over
Who could ask for more.

Grrrr I am thinking
I know what is true
Rather a single bed
With not one but two