issues over personalities

Written by: andrew delapruch

imagine now if we could shelf the
the faces of liars, the pocketed charlatans,
imagine now if we could 
stop the ads, stop the speeches,
stop the funding, stop the campaigns,
stop the illusion of hope
vested in a smile, a nod, a salute, a 
good hairdo or the mention of the word
imagine if we americans,
we “leaders of the free world”
were to have issues precede any
imagine if our hands weren’t bound by
unemployment, debt, poverty &
pure desperation,
which up until the moment we realized we
had it,
we seized power for us---
imagine if the jobs that needed being done
following the issues that needed being solved,
were followed through by groups of 
concerned, voluntary individuals,
to think that the business of politics
would die in the gutter when
the elite no longer had a stake in it---
imagine if you had more to say
than just a walk into the ballot box on
the 6th of Nov. &
imagine if you stood up &
said it, without the need to be
known for saying it---
to get in line
get in line
get in line,
as just another human who wants to 
really take part in the process of making this
place better.