the unsurrounded

Written by: andrew delapruch

lucky ones
who when they go,
when the last heartbeat thumps &
the flatline shows,
are surrounded by loved ones
who hold their hands,
who speak to them comfortable
assurances, talking of memorable
moments of beautiful love &
compassion, as well as joke &
in those final moments of life
when anyone who is loved
feels that they are being robbed &
anyone who loves them 
feels like they are being robbed as
and in the coming light of tragedy,
s/he who has been afflicted with 
a spontaneous catastrophe, s/he
who has been wounded in an accident
& is suffering, s/he who has come to the
end of a
long term illness,
knows that those who have come to hold
their hand,
valued their existence &
all was not for nothing.

unlucky are the unsurrounded,
for the white coats that may enter & leave
do not count the same as the
warm love emanating down the hall
by those who care for the dying &
when the unlucky disappear,
no “god” will be watching,
no governing body will care when 
that beautiful light goes out,
no mark will be left &
people are *****ing about their spouses
right now---
people are yelling at their kids right now---
people are cheating on their significant others
right now &
people are mad at their friends for reasons that
tomorrow (because there is ALWAYS assumed to
be a tomorrow) will mean nothing,
taking for granted what they have
taking for granted what they have
taking for granted what they have.