Written by: Marie/Ismarili Gardener/Isreal

So you think you have problems
well thats yet to be seen
look around you at the streets.
I tell you what I see
hungry peole lying in the streets 
with a cart for a closet and a carboard box for a sheet
and emty basket ful of broken dreams
they have been places we have never seen.

We take every thing for granted,
not to realize, that there are others
with tears in their eyes.
for just a blanket that we throw on the floor
or the food that we dont want anymore.

what are we doing, what in the world is up,
we are so waitfull even with an empty cup.
there are so many, whats one to do
what if we walked ten miles in their shoes.

would we be wasteful, would will still care
would we give to others would we share
what is it. what would we do. think about it 
its totally up to you.