You could be me

Written by: Sean Trott

You could be me
I stand here as you just pass me by
You walk past not even a glance and I ask myself why?
Everyone is always looking for someone in need of help
I am not standing here with this backpack to better my health
I and others like me are among your kind
If you look closer at us the similarities between us you will find
So many of us were just like you in the past
So many more of us will come we are not the last
Lives fall apart day after day
Avoiding poverty for some there is no way
Fact is you could become me before I could become you
Then others would judge you like me they always do
They will categorize you as homeless and treat you as lazy
People will cross the road because they think you are crazy
People will run, hide and avoid any chance to see
That anyone could end up on the streets like me
They can run and Hide but they can never avoid
The fact that there is no warning before life is destroyed
Then you like I will hope someone see you instead of passing you by
We are not invisible we are just like all of you we Live and we Die