Sweet Peace

Written by: kathryn ramirez

"Forgiveness is easier said than done" 
Well, that is an understatement
I have love in my heart for everyone
Except in your case, hate is loves replacement.

I have found peace along the road, in my life,
Despite all the pain and abuse you gave me.
I have overcome most of my demons and  strife,
but, out of vengence I will hate you so much I can't see.

I will never find a glimmer of forgiveness for you,
That's a vow ,not for as long as we both shall live.
You can change all you want and still die begging me to
no matter what you do or say, forgiveness I will not give.

Consider this pride, anger, resentment or sin,
which ever description your balck heart desire.
 But I have to live with the memories within,
So until my dying breath, unto I wish fire.

It's not envy that drives me down this path.
It's simply, well.....out of spite.
I am just giving you an early taste of Karma's rath.
And I have every right.

So for future refferences refer back to these words,
While you are on your death bed, trying to appease.
I will refuse to give in, now matter whom thinks it obsurd.
You gave to me nothing but heartbreak, I will NEVER give you sweet peace.